Ert.A AS is established as a Consruction and Organisation Conpany in the beatiful expanding cosmopolitan town of Alanya in the heart of Turkish riviera in 1999.
Since 1999, Ert.A AS has built over of 400 residential buldings and bowling center,decorated cinema complexes and large stores in various shoping centers.
Ert.A AS is also one of the best Professional real-estate company in the area and gave service with the pleasure to more than 400 costumers from 19 different countries.

* Ert.A AS have most professional real estate counselor in its structure.
* Ert.A AS known as a best service and quality provider by the costumers since 1999.


  • Accepting quality as a valur in service
  • Developing culture of knowledge aided decision making
  • Meeting customer’s expectatiton and necessities by fallowing technology, science and developments.
  • Keeping our service’s improvement and continuty



Our vision is to provide our customers both in Turkey and international  in time, economic, problem-free services and save their contiunity and improvements with our abilities and work in construction,decoration,real estate counsaltancy together with team excellence which is pre-condition of institutional excellence.

  • Developing knowledge aided decision making and its culture
  • meeting customer’s expectation and necessities and saving our company’s prestige.
  • To be elective in staff acquisition with the thought of “brain power and work”
  • Educating our staff under our name and improving their knowledge, ability and experience; help them keep their desire to learn at the highest degree.
  • Accepting quality in service, as a cultural value.
  • Adopting team work in service and sharing estates in high quality, knowledge and service responsibility.
  • Fallowing developments in science and technology in order to increase our quality and productivity and applying these.

Together and all together…

As  Ert.A construction tourism organization industry and business inc., we try to service to our region and country in employment,production marketing.

Our scopes:
From groundwork to roof in construction

Ferro concrete:
Together with ground studies, planning and technic method responsibility ferroconcrete (building, pool, cesspool, purify) manufactures of your construction

All block brick, ytong wall, glass brick manufactures of your construction

Roughcast, finishing coat, gypsum plaster, perlite plaster, satin plaster manufactures

Floor,wall ceramic,ceramic tile manufactures

All wooden, stell, plastic door and window manufactures.

All interior wall, exterior, satin paint, plastic paint by using siding equipment, a crylic, silicon, bentonite and all painting manufactures.

Insulation and isolation manufactures of your construction against all external factors,heat,ground and rain water(ground, roof, window, wall)

All decoration manufactures of your construction (plaster, cartonpierre, stone, band slab, brick covering, parquet strip, ceiling floor, lightining, facing work electricity and water proceeding. Planning of your construction’s electricit and water manufactures of cable, fitting,fire alarm and extinquishing installation in economic way.

Wooden and stell construction:

Manufactures of wooden and steel roof, fire escape and store roof.

Manufactures of turf, afforestation, lightening, irrigation for garden and environment.


Manufacture of drainage, ground water, rainwater, canalization cesspool purify electricity and water distribution.

Real estate consultancy:
We try to service whenever you want to buy, rent, sell land, office flat.

We are happy to service you together and altogether with our manufactures with plan, project, workmanship, with/without material quality.


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